Cotswolds Golf Shoes:
Taking You to
Where the Fun Begins

Cotswolds golf shoes have been and continue to be the favorite footwear of amateur and professional golfers the world over.


Obviously, these golf shoes were named after the famous Cotswolds, England’s largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty located in the country’s west-central part, which has numerous golf courses dotting its landscape. These golf courses are either standalone facilities or offered as part of a large hotel’s attractions.

Best in Features

Why is the Cotswolds brand of golf shoes highly popular, you may ask? Suffice it to say that these golf shoes combine stylish design on the outside with comfortable fit, excellent moisture protection and great impact absorption on the inside. Of course, outstanding footwear such as a pair of Cotswolds golf shoes has superb grip on the ground, which allows its wearers to take a confident shot even on slippery conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at a few examples of the Cotswolds brand of golf shoes. The Cotswold Drymaster Total Protection has waterproof uppers and soles as well as replaceable spikes, said combination of which makes it one of the most practical and yet stylish golf shoes on the links.

The Cotswold Grenoble II Max Stance features a removable foot bed, a waterproof breathable membrane and leather uppers. This comes in two colors – black and white/navy.

The Cotswold ladies Lyon II Freedom Comfort comes in a white/light combo. It is equipped with an impact zone removable foot bed, which lessens the impact on the feet when in use. Of course, this being one of the best Cotswolds golf shoes, it is made from high-quality leather uppers.

Other choices in golf shoes bearing the well-respected Cotswolds brand are the St. Tropez Ladies, Epic Ladies and Spice Ladies. Price range from as low as £40 to over £90. No matter which golf shoes you choose, you are guaranteed with great performance, durability and beauty. After all, great fun in golf starts with great shoes!

Best Golf Courses

So where can you wear these superb golf shoes? Virtually any golf course! Still, you will want to try out these shoes in a few of the best golf courses in the area for which these were named for, of which we can mention the following:

  • Broadway Golf Club, which is located on a magnificent escarpment and with 18 holes

  • Brickhampton Court Golf Club, which is touted as a spa course

  • Cirencester Golf Club, which has handicap requirements and applicable dress codes

Indeed, Cotswolds golf shoes take you to where the fun begins and it starts with wearing these excellent footwear to one of the abovementioned courses.

If you have any questions visiting Cotswolds and would like to ask Dianne, the owner of this site, you can contact her.

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